Sunday, August 2, 2009

Front Row Fantasy Sports 2009 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Exactly two weeks from today, the Front Row Fantasy Sports team set forth on a mission to assemble the most in-depth and accurate Fantasy Football Draft Kit in the history of mankind.

While our efforts came nowhere near our lofty goals, we are thoroughly impressed on the job we did. We weren't able to complete the most in-depth draft kit in history, and only time will tell if we were all that accurate. All I can say is that we are proud of our valiant efforts.

Each of us devised individual rankings for QB's, RB's, WR's, and TE's, ranking the top 40 for each. We then compiled our own list of our overall top 100 players.

Once this was completed, Christian Karcole had the job of evaluating each player's average rank and sorting out the rankings based on those rankings. Much thanks goes out to Christian for volunteering to do the work nobody else wanted to do.

Eventually, Christian began to complain over having to do all of this work manually. Our good friend and fellow B/R columnist Zach Fein stepped in and completed the overall top 100 players and their averages in much less time than Christian ever would have. Hats off to him for doing so.

Finally, after two long weeks of putting this draft kit together, I present to you the official "Front Row Fantasy Sports 2009 Fantasy Football Draft Kit."

Since we completed this with Google Docs, we are unable to simply cut and paste our rankings into this article. Instead, we have chosen to resort to embedding the spreadsheet into this post.

If you would prefer to just visit the link, the draft kit can be found here. If you would rather view it in this post, scroll down to the bottom and it will appear there.

Under each of our initials (Christian Karcole, Nick Allen, Dalton Scantling), you will find where we ranked that individual player.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome. We appreciate you taking the time to take a peek at our draft kit.

Once again, just click here to open the link.

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