Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Karcole's Top Ten: Quarterbacks

Within the next week, the Front Row Fantasy Sports team will be releasing a much more expansive and organized player rankings list. Some might call it a draft kit. Until then, I will be previewing my own personal rankings, most of which will be filled with my unlimited supply of wisdom.

1. Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints
Not much to be made out of this pick. He's Drew Brees, the Tom Brady of 2008. Will he be able to construct another standout season like he put together in '08? Barring major injury in the offense, yes. Even with injuries to Maques Colston and Reggie Bush last year, Brees was able to roll through the season like a freight train with no intentions of letting up. The fantasy dominance shouldn't be expected to be as large as it was last season, but still expect great numbers.

2. Tom Brady-New England Patriots
I feel like I'm contradicting myself by saying this based on his ranking, but I wouldn't draft Brady if presented with the opportunity. I would feel more secure with Peyton Manning, simply because there isn't the slightest chance of a setback with an injury already in place. My thoughts with QB's is always too make a safe pick, because they often turn out to be your most important player. While I expect a very productive season from Brady, there's a voice in my head urging me not to go near him...

3. Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts
Marvin Harrison's absence shouldn't harm Manning's value at all. If anything, I find it more likely that his production increases now that Anthony Gonzalez will see more throws his way. A more consistently healthy Dallas Clark this season should help if that is to happen, but there are a few questions lingering around Manning. With all of the coaching changes, we will have to see what sort of effect it will have on his fantasy production. I don't seeing it making too big of a toll, but I could be wrong.

4. Philip Rivers-San Diego Chargers
Rivers finally made himself a force to be reckoned with on the fantasy scene in 2008, finishing in the top five in nearly all leagues. His weaponry appears to be healthier and more experienced this season, and his late connection with Vincent Jackson should prove to help his game. With an offense composed with LT, Darren Sproles, Gates, Jackson, and Chris Chambers, you can't not expect great numbers.

5. Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers
My faith in Rodgers going into last season was mocked in my league. I had traded for him after Brett Favre, previously my quarterback who I had traded for the day before he unexpectedly retired, decided to bail on me. Rodgers was my guy, and I stuck with him. Eventually, I ended up trading Rodgers in a deadline deal that gave me depth I badly needed. But I still love Rodgers and his ability. Expect the same sort of production as last season from him in '09.

6. Kurt Warner-Arizona Cardinals
If you had Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston on the receiving end of your passes you'd be at #6, too. Adding Chris "Beanie" Wells to the equation at RB doesn't hurt, either. Warner is another year older, but his loss in the Super Bowl should provide some motivation to repeat his 2008 statistics. Arizona's offense has been potent for a few years now, so it's no surprise that Warner's production rose when he became the full-time starter. As long as that remains to be true, Warner can be relied on for another better-than-solid campaign.

7. Matt Ryan-Atlanta Falcons
I absolutely love Ryan's ability this season. Last year was great for Ryan, who was a rookie, and '09 should only be better. Roddy White became a star because of Ryan, and Tony Gonzalez will be huge because he adds something Ryan didn't have last year. With White, Gonzalez, and Michael Turner, who wouldn't have a great year?

8. Jay Cutler-Chicago Bears
He goes from Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal to Devin Hester and...well, er, Juaqin Iglesias. It certainly is a big downgrade, but the improved running game with Matt Forte should help Cutler. Plus, Cutler has too much raw talent to be a disappointment. I rank him high here because I have faith that even though he won't put up huge numbers, he should be more consistent and shouldn't see a huge downturn in points.

9. Tony Romo-Dallas Cowboys
From September until November, Romo is gold. After that, you can expect him to be terrible. He is honestly horrible in the month of December, so if you plan on winning your league, don't have him as your playoff QB. Trade him at the deadline or as last in the season as possible when his value is high. T.O.'s departure shouldn't be too harsh on Romo's production. It's just that when the fantasy playoffs come, Romo implodes.

10. Donovan McNabb-Philadelphia Eagles
McNabb could honestly end up as the no. 1 fantasy QB by the end of the year, but that's asking for a lot. A healthy Brian Westbrook would have to be the case, along with the rookies, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy, having the seasons they are expected to. Most importantly, McNabb would have to be healthy as well. It's all very possible, but unlikely as well.

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