Sunday, July 26, 2009

Karcole's Top Ten: Wide Receivers

Within the next week, the Front Row Fantasy Sports team will be releasing a much more expansive and organized player rankings list. Some might call it a draft kit. Until then, I will be previewing my own personal rankings, most of which will be filled with my unlimited supply of wisdom.

1. Larry Fitzgerald-Arizona Cardinals
This is basically a no-doubter pick. We finally see a year when the no. 1 players for QB's, RB's, and WR's are almost unanimous. Andre Johnson could make a run for the top spot, but his injuries, along with his QB's injuries, could harm those chances. Fitzgerald is consistent, and flat out talented.

2. Andre Johnson-Houston Texans
Even after he brought in just two and three receptions in weeks three and four, Johnson finished second in fantasy scoring for wide receivers. Add to that the fact that Matt Schaub, his quarterback, missed five games, and it's simply mind boggling to think how Johnson was able to put together such a strong season. Too bad it'll all likely happen again this year.

3. Roddy White-Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan is another year older, and Roddy White has another year of experience. The only problem? Defenses will have more knowledge on Ryan when they defend against him, and the same goes for White. The ultimate factor is whether Ryan is able to repeat his rookie season. I believe he can, but it's very possibly that defenses use their experience against him to their advantage.

4. Calvin Johnson-Detroit Lions
On a horrendous team, possibly the worst in history, Calvin was fantastic. He was their only receiving option, and had a few different quarterbacks throwing his way, none of which played all that well. Somehow, some way, Calvin Johnson was consistent and one of the most reliable receivers in the league. Matthew Stafford, if he plays, likely won't be extremely effective this year, so expect more of the same from Calvin.

5. Steve Smith-Carolina Panthers
Jake Delhomme is pretty lousy, but like both Johnson's (Andre and Calvin), he doesn't let that hold him back. He was able to finish 5th for receivers in 2008, even after missing the first two weeks due to a suspension. The running game may begin to take over in Carolina. Even so, Smith is not in jeopardy of losing all that much production.

6. Randy Moss-New England Patriots
Tom Brady is back, and Moss is certainly happy about that. Even with Matt Cassel, Moss posted top-ten numbers last season. With Tom Brady, he hopes to return to his record-breaking form from 2007. He shouldn't expected to produce in such enormous amounts like '07, but a more consistent season should be expected. Yet, if an injury to Tom Brady presents itself again, Moss' value drops a considerable amount due to the lack of a reliable back-up.

7. Greg Jennings-Green Bay Packers
Jennings has shown he can play over the past few seasons. He has been inconsistent at times, yet he flourished with Aaron Rodgers last year. He was much more consistent last season, and even when he began to see a decrease in numbers as the end of the season approached, Jennings was still bringing in touchdowns. He'll get you points one way or another.

Marques Colston-New Orleans Saints
Colston's missed time last season overshadowed his impressive return. After his injury, Colston had less than 10 points just twice (not including his first game back when he caught 2 passes). Although he didn't bring in many touchdown's in his first weeks after his injury, Colston caught four TD's in his last three games. Plus, having Drew Brees helps.

9. Reggie Wayne-Indianapolis Colts
With Marvin Harrison gone, Wayne should see more looks in 2009. The only downside for Wayne is that Anthony Gonzalez will be have a more important role in the offense this season than last. But I wouldn't be too worried about Gonzalez stealing too many passes. They have different roles, so his production should stay the same, at the least.

10. Dwayne Bowe-Kansas City Chiefs
Dwayne Bowe is my super-sleeper pick for 2009. He has Matt Cassel throwing to him, Todd Haley (the Offensive Coordinator for the Cardinals last season) as his head coach, and is Cassel's only option. The latter of the three is a positive point because Bowe has the talent to get away from double teams and into open space. He found a way to have a successful season in 2008 with Tyler Thigpen. He should only do better with Cassel.

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