Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome To FRFS

Let me be the first to introduce you readers to Front Row Fantasy Sports. On this brand new, exclusive blog, Nick Allen and I will be your main contributors of fantasy sports knowledge. For the Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockey enthusiasts, FRFS is not for you. We will mainly be sharing our thoughts on football and baseball.

Nick Allen, an up-and-coming Bleacher Report writer, will be delivering both football and baseball posts, while I, Christian Karcole, will mainly focus on football. As you can see in the sidebar, Nick is a syndicated writer on B/R. At one point, Nick was ranked among the top five writers for the Fantasy Baseball section. Go check out his profile and his work, you will find it very informative.

As for myself, I am the Community Leader for the Philadelphia Phillies on B/R, and am ranked around 20th in the MLB Writer rankings (changes day-to-day). You can take a peek at my work from the link to my profile above.

If you have any inquiries, leave them as a comment. An email will be set up in the coming days.

Nick and I look forward to this opportunity and hope to make the most if it.

Our first official post will come Saturday, July 18th (today). Until then, stay classy.

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